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I have designed and constructed hybrid solid state vacuum tubes. It is important that it is understood that my radioionic valves are cold cathode tubes. They utilize a semiconductive material to encourage energy emission which replaces the heated cathode that is nestled within the conventional radio vacuum tube environment. I make reference to a form of ionic action that liberates electrons, in place of the common electronic liberation that occurs in conventional radio tubes. This unique type of energy liberation can be accomplished when certain electrically semiconductive substances are bombarded with ionized particles.

The radioionic valve generates an avalanche of energy emission with every ionized particle that impinges upon its semiconductive cathode. With every impinging ion an avalanche of additional energy is emitted. Simply stated, the radioionic receiver obtains natural energy from a common radio antenna. This unique valve conducts the ionic energy and converts it into oscillating secondary electromagnetic energy. The high frequency can be transformed into a more desirable voltage, using a tuned tank circuit. This high frequency electricity can be used to supply power to conventional incandescent light-bulbs to provide a highly efficient light source. The light from a lamp that utilizes this form of electrical energy imparts an unusual glow to the light bulb. The light bulb displays a clear brilliancy without the associated haze that normally surrounds its filament when conventional 60 Hz electricity is used. Another added benefit of this high frequency electricity is that expensive and potentially hazardous fluorescent lamps that contain mercury can be replaced. The high frequency electricity can also be transmitted over hair size wires, minimizing the use of expensive wire.

It offers a huge advantage of power to weight ratio than all other energy sources, to the best of my knowledge. The radioionic valve converter generates only a minute amount of waste heat and it can be built into a compact and light weight system. A conventional electrical generator must have mechanical power applied to it to make its rotor revolve while my radioionic generator sits perfectly still, requiring only an antenna to pick up the energy from its surroundings. There is an unlimited source of electricity that surrounds our entire planet that can be efficiently harnessed using radioionic valve converters.

The radioionic valve works due to the radioionic effect that occurs when its ion sensitive semiconductive cathode is excited by ions. Whereas, the contained gas molecules within the tube become ionized when they are connected with an electrically conductive antenna, which is excited by ions, or alternately are ionized as is described in my Alpha Fusion Electrical Energy Valve; United States Patent No. 7,800,286. The excited ionized particles impinge upon and react on the semiconductive cathode target which results in the delivery of an appreciable amount of energy. This isn’t perpetual motion... the atmospheric ions receive energy from the ultraviolet radiation which the Sun generates. The ions are caused to oscillate through various electromagnetic disturbances, such as discharging to the ground, through natural or artificial electromagnetic sources. The source of energy comes from the Sun! The electromagnetic disturbances generate high frequency oscillations where a specially designed tuned circuit can convert them into electrical power.

It is my firm conviction that my radioionic discoveries possess unusual merit. My unique radioionic valve allows a tuned circuit to convert the oscillating planetary ions into useful electrical power. The technology promises a highly efficient, relatively low-cost, high power to weight ratio power supply. I have spent several years of research using my own personal funds on this ground breaking energy technology. I declare that I have developed a unique radioionic valve which utilizes a proprietary cathode. Just as solar cells react to visible light, or let us say wave lengths, within a certain range, is it too difficult to comprehend how electrons are generated when ionized particles impinge upon the cathode semiconductive substance in a radioionic valve?

I am not claiming any new laws of physics as having been discovered. I am simply expanding on what is presently known. What I do claim is that my method to convert the energy that is contained in the Earth's atmosphere is unique. Electrical power “generation” is accomplished through the utilization of oscillating ions. It is my objective to offer to the common person an affordable radioionic receiver which generates useful electrical power from Earth’s plentiful supply of energy.

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